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Company, T plus T, was founded in 1999. It is a trading company, which supplies chemicals, raw materials, plastics, and sands directly for industrial consumption. For the last several years, our company has supplied a broad range of products for various branches of industry. Since 2003, we have been an exclusive partner of a polish company, GRUDZEN LAS Spolka z o.o. (producer of silica sands) for slovak and hungarian markets. Our main clients are largely foundries of various sizes.

Exclusive partner

Foundry silica sands offer

Silica sand - trade offer

The silica sand mine "Grudzen Las" Ltd. offers high-quality finished products for foundry industry, glass-making industry, ceramic industry, building chemistry, water purification plant and other branches of industry. General qualitative characteristics of the products is presented in technical sheets. Company offers sands and grits about humidity 5,5%/0,2% and kaolin max 25%. Final products can be loaded on a truck, wagon, tank and packed into big-bags or 25 kg paper bags.

Coarse silica sands

For manufacture moulding sand and core sand for production: iron casting, steel casting and non-ferrous casting.

Medium silica sands

For manufacture moulding sand and core sand for medium steel casting.

Technical sheets

Fine silica sands

For surrounding process by rsin, hot core process and core mould witch are made from resin bulk and bentonite bulk.

Very fine silica sands

For production moulding sand small iron casting and steel casting, as a filler for paints and cleansers.

Technical sheets

Glass-making sands

In glass-making industry for production glass, bodys and glace

Technical sands

For body, faience wares and in building chemistry.

Technical sheets

Filter grits

In water purifucation platn. For technical purposes: sandblasting, production od abradants and in building chemistry.

Silica flour

Production of paints, grouts, adhesives, production of cleaners.


Porcelanite production, production of sanitary products, production of ceramic tiles.

Technical sheets

T plus T, s.r.o.

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